Virtual training is a new and popular way to receive custom instruction and support from a professional fitness expert at a reasonable price.  Individuals with little-to-no fitness experience, as well as those with more experience can all benefit from having workouts designed by an attentive and educated trainer.  Virtual training is superior to watching a workout video designed for the masses on your phone or TV.   The workouts, advice, and instructions are custom created and delivered by Ben to your phone through the Trainerize app.   

Opening screen of the Trainerize app.  Easy to use in the gym, on the road, or at home.

Dashboard created specifically for each client.  Contains a list of "Things To Do Today" to help hold you accountable.

Calendar created specifically for you, your goals, your schedule, and your equipment available.

Chat with Ben about your workout.  Ask questions about nutrition, injuries, or general wellness advice.  Ben also reaches out to clients to remind them of workouts and check progress on goals.

An example of the video instruction you'll receive in your Trainerize app.  Most of the videos are of Ben and narrated by Ben.

key benefits of virtual training

Expert Advice

  • Chat anytime with Ben, an expert in fitness who holds a Masters in Exercise Physiology and multiple certifications.  Virtual Training also includes a monthly 30-minute meeting done over phone, video chat, or in person (depending on physical location.)


  • Workouts are customized to your changing needs.  Want to train for a 5K? Need to train at your house? Want to increase the number of days you work out?  Need to lose 5 pounds for an event? Let Ben know and he'll adjust your workouts and nutritional guidance.


  • Send and receive messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Ben.  He can help hold you accountable to your workouts, nutrition plan, and healthy lifestyle.

explore your two options...

App-Based Workout Plans

If you are looking for an App-Based Workout Plan then click here. These plans include pre-designed workouts based on your goals and equipment. You will still get the expert advice and accountability you need with the ability to chat with Ben whenever you need through the app.

Virtual Training

If you are looking for Virtual Training that is 100% customized for you and includes all the features listed above click here. Virtual Training gives you expert advice, accountability, and flexibility.