covid-19 procedures

March 23 Update:

The statewide Stay at Home Order requires all indoor exercise facilities to close.  This order is in effect until April 29.  Please contact me about other options for training.  You can also learn more about Virtual Training by clicking here.  I look forward to helping you stay healthy during this time! 

- Ben Austin

March 16 Update:

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!  My goal is to continue to help everyone stay healthy through the following weeks.  Like me, I'm sure you have received countless Covid-19 updates the past few days, but I did want to communicate 3 important bullet points to all my clients and potential clients.

  • All exercise equipment that we use is disinfected after workouts, but in addition I will now disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, handrails, handles for equipment, and other high contact areas in the fitness center at least once a day. This is also in addition to the daily cleanings from the 101 Elm Street Office Building staff.

  • My 24 Hour cancellation policy will NOT be in effect for the near future. The Center for Disease Control has advised that if you feel sick OR if a family member is sick PLEASE stay home.  Even if this means canceling 5 minutes before your appointment. You will not be charged for the cancellation.

  • The Fitness Center at 101 Elm is semi-private.  There is never more than 10 people in the Fitness Center at one time.  A majority of the day 2 or less are in the Fitness Center. Tenants of the office building can still use the facility, but it is still less trafficked than a large gym.  Still, if you would like to consider me training you in your home please contact me for a time to schedule those sessions.  

Please let me know if you have questions!

-Ben Austin